Efforts & Results


Customer Benefit

The IEEP Customer Benefit component is getting things done “on the ground” in utility customer homes & facilities. Choices of technologies implemented are determined by consideration of the overall utility landscape, specific load circumstances, specific customer circumstances, and above all, the customers themselves.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Renewable energy technologies produce safe and reliable electricity from naturally available, non-polluting resources, such as the sun, wind, and others. The IEEP is committed to advancing new and existing technologies of all types, with an emphasis on education about, and demonstration of, renewable energies.

System Benefit

The IEEP System Benefit component focuses on the overall operation of the utility and specific utility operating circumstances. System Benefit measures focus on the specific needs of the member system operation, improving efficiency in multiple customer classes.


Direct Energy Benefits

The IEEP continuously monitors the effect of the program on end-use customers. Energy valued at 5 cents per kWh produced $5,850,000 in real energy savings in 2016. In theory, this amount represents the savings realized by end-use customers of IEEP utilities.

Environmental Benefits

All IEEP activities incorporate “green” thinking and are intended to have a positive impact on the environment. This commitment demonstrates the environmental accountability of IEEP municipal electric utilities and produces a measurable impact on the environment in the form of “negawatts:” units of energy not produced as a result of utility operations. The outcome: emissions reductions equivalent to the removal of an ever-increasing number of vehicles from New York roads, along with water conservation and waste minimization.

Non-Energy Benefits

Energy savings may represent only a minor component of overall benefits realized, which can include:

  • Resource and other utility savings
  • Improved worker safety and public perception of the utility
  • Reduced production and waste disposal costs
  • Improved product quality, reliability and appearance
  • Improved capacity utilization and industrial productivity

Economic Benefits

The IEEP continuously invests into New York State economies and is allied with more than 100 contracting, electrical and supply firms within member service territories and around the State that support program operation. IEEP activities positively impact customer attitudes and relations. The result is economic stimulation